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Kindergarten Teacher's Guide - Whole Group (2nd Edition)

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This guide offers 30 Units of research-based interactive instruction to accelerate learning. This second edition of the Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide encompasses the fun of learning with Letterland friends, while ensuring that the core criteria of an effective, systematic, phonics and phonological awareness program are fully met.

It features:

  • 180 Explicit phonics instruction lessons
  • Integrated Phonological Awareness Strand
  • Blending and segmenting activities throughout
  • Lots of fully decodable text for each lesson including 50 Decodable Books, as wel; as weekly Student Practice Pages
  • Embedded Vocabulary expansion and ELL support
  • Multisensory learning strategies
  • Carefully sequenced teaching of high-frequency Tricky Words
  • Embedded handwriting Instruction
  • Progress monitoring throughout
  • A fully integrated Assessment Strand
  • A wealth of supporting resources including interactive tools and visual classroom aids

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